17 OCTOBER 2016

Bottleneck on Healthcare information

Bottleneck on Healthcare information – Your biggest challenge

This fact is undeniable, that India has already emerged into a prominent healthcare hub today but having said that 90% of the legacy issues remain intact w.r.t healthcare and that is

1. Information on the important touch points of healthcare

2. Sky rocketing Costs on healthcare

Common people like you and me, with a hope to get the best and reasonable treatment, look for easier, effective and timely treatment options. Like everyone else, no one is prepared to encounter unforeseen challenges but often face such scenarios. Resultantly, they fail to get the desired information which can bring great relief in their already tough phase of life while they seek proper healthcare information and service.

Bottleneck on Healthcare information – Your biggest challenge

How Healthbuds proves to be a very effective respite?

Healthbuds focuses on providing transparent, detailed and comprehensive information including last mile solutions on the most intriguing situations every potential patient and caregivers usually face. Healthbuds is a Brand free platform and therefore you can be rest assured to get un biased and brand neutral information on a Hospital or a Doctor to a surgery and many more. Our thorough research on India’s healthcare system will help you know the core issues from a patient’s perspective and get treated well. The information on pan Indian data will be available soon. Our observation points to some basic hindrances which remain your major cause of concern: –

Lack of information about specialist doctors/hospitals for healthcare

You are financially overburdened due to ignorance that lead to your ‘unnecessary care’

Your ignorance towards avoidable harm to patients’ due to OVER Treatment and over the top battery of Diagnostic Tests.

Ignorance about knowing detailed information of mobile care facilities

You don’t know medical mysteries and fail to understand future healthcare challenges and worse, you are adequately not briefed.

You are helpless about the rising healthcare costs and alternative solutions

Keeping in consideration several such important factors which add to your agonies we at Healthbuds have taken initiative to focus on those elements to ease common problems.

How much should You rely on Online tools for a healthcare solution?

Questions are asked if online platforms can be relied for guidance related to healthcare sector. Through the healthbuds search engine you can make an objective assessment of hospitals, doctors, diagnostic services, surgeries and procedures by these simple steps :

Each attribute listed for e.g. – Hospital, Doctor has substantial and drilled down detail to provide you with a correct perspective before you take a decision.

Applying the comparative analytics which is available in a simple tabular form makes it easier for you to arrive at a right decision.

All this available on your mobile at a simple swipe.

Multiple choice available to provide you with a near accurate analysis.