29 OCTOBER 2016

Are inhalers truly worthy for child Asthma sufferers?

The possible side effects of inhalers on children administered regularly are often debated. Will there be any problem for such children in the future? Can inhalers completely cure asthma syndrome?

Asthma spreads like wildfire and the number of children sufferers is increasing by each passing day. Many children suffer from a very early age. Usually doctors recommend inhalers for instant relief but are they safe and whether they have any side effect on them. Several such aspects must be understood for early prevention from it and other related diseases.

Internationally Renowned, Eminent Child Specialist and considered a Real Life Saver to hundreds of worrying parents- Dr. Soumitra Dutta opines:


“Recurrent cough, cold, wheeze is often a manifestation of asthma in children. Contrary to popular belief inhaled medications

through spacer devices given with appropriate technique are the mainstay of treatment. They cause minimal side effects even on

prolonged use and are not habit forming.”

Key facts pertaining to inhalers

It is a proven fact that inhalers offer instant relief in asthma. The big question is whether they equally help child sufferers like adults. Assessing the health history of a child before recommending inhalers is a must. Asthma care requires long term medication in both adults and children. It is not advisable to make children an addict of inhalers for longer period. Better care is possible by considering: –

Use inhalers on specific stage of asthma when required

Inhalers must be taken in worst stage as emergency care

Follow strict asthma management plan for children care

Avoid situations while children are exposed to such triggers

Balancing medication and inhalers

Once doctors diagnose asthma in children, proper treatment procedure is worked out through medication or inhaler recommendation. If required, doctors’ advice bronchodilator medication for some time for observation. Use of daily anti-inflammatory drugs will benefit but their side effects mustn’t be ignored. There is variance of medication for children and adults.

While using inhalers dosage adjustment is important in the cases of children. In all cases adjustments are done by keeping in view children’s age, weight and the condition of disease. The delivery device meant to use for inhaled drugs vary for children and adults.

Instant relief from inhalers also causes worry

Undoubtedly, inhalers give instant relief from asthma. As children are not in the position to easily coordinate their breathing with them in many times they cause more worries than cure. When such situations occur inhalers cause deliberate problem instead of giving benefits. Long term use of inhaled steroids may cause bone strength reduction in children.

Doctors also diagnose metered dose inhaler (MDI) with spacers to lessen side effects. It is considered good option. Besides knowledge of medicines and their side effects including that of inhaler use you must be aware of minute details how and when to use them. Deal with asthma effectively. Give your children a secure environment and monitor asthma regularly.

Learn about asthma from possible triggers in children to many medication steps. Your knowledge of inhaler uses for children help to maintain normal and healthy lifestyle.

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