12 DECEMBER 2016

Compare Features on www.healthbuds.in

How to convince the family members that information on treatment solutions are available ONLINE that can be an ideal healthcare solution?

Apart from increasing healthcare costs, poor quality of treatment keeps the masses literally away from getting the treatment they actually deserve. Now you can compare the unique features of hospitals on the healthbuds site (www.healthbuds.in).

Many people feel utterly frustrated and almost give up trying to look for the right medical treatment. Everyone needs proper treatment -so a degree of diligence saves your hard earned money and help to avail quality healthcare service as well.

There are many reasons that directly or indirectly influence the healthcare costs. Privatization is one such reason for such increases. Others are political factors as decisions of additional taxes to increased regulations have had an impact on the healthcare costs. Increasing lawsuits that influence the cost of misusing insurance for medical practitioners are other factors. In addition to that, brokers often misuse the process to forcefully increase your healthcare cost.

Before choosing a healthcare service provider, a slight online search would help you save your hard earned money and receive quality treatment in reasonable cost. There are several websites, including Health Buds, that help you compare the features of various healthcare service providers online.


With the advent of the digital age and websites like healthbuds, you can practically take a well informed decision even before you step out of the house. The website will throw up important general, clinical and commercial information ranging from:

Area, City

Specialisation areas of the hospital and Specialist Doctors associated with their credentials.

Number of Surgeries conducted, a brief technical write up on them to the costs as well.

Various facilities offered by the hospital like Patient waiting facilities, International Patient Desk, Payments Modes, Time of Discharge, Bed to Nurse ratio and so on and so forth.

It is extremely comprehensive and the best part is when the features can be compared in a simple tabular format.


The silver lining is when you register on this website, the healthbuds registered member is eligible for a special price that is lower than the scheduled rate for a retail walk in patient.

The website also allows you to book an appointment with the doctor through our site and see pictures of various beds, cabins and suites that helps you tide over the last mile running around.

Now you should ponder on how to search the websites to compare various features. Online search suffices this requirement. A simple search through websites help you find many websites, including Health Buds. Once you open the website, you find Search & Compare Services to explore. After filling in your requirement, you get the list of centers which offer services you look for.