23 DECEMBER 2016

Specialist Healthcare Services in Fortis Kolkata

There has occurred drastic improvement in healthcare services in India in the last couple of decades. Finding best of the healthcare service providers is not only easy today but also hassle free. You may easily obtain all sorts of details related to hospitals in Kolkata which is possible now because of the presence of many reputed websites that proves you best guide to go for the required healthcare services.

HealthBuds provides you variegated information about healthcare services in India. You may use it to learn more about the hospitals including Fortis Healthcare in Kolkata whose specialist services are turning into most sought after ever since this hospital was launched in this city.

Specialist Healthcare Services in Fortis Kolkata

Specialist Healthcare Services in Fortis Kolkata

In its extension drive into the eastern Indian region, Fortis Healthcare began operation in the Kolkata region couple of decade ago. The sooner it became the integrated healthcare service providers in the city. With the facilities of modern and latest medical technology tools this healthcare service provider is geared up to provide you the best healthcare solution so does it remain a distinguished one in the region. Some of the finest diagnostics and treatment specialties include:

Brain tumor surgery treatments

Spine surgery treatments

Aneurysm surgery treatments

Cerebrovascular surgery treatments

Peripheral neuro surgery treatments

Epilepsy surgery treatments

Various types of rejuvenation treatments

Anti-Ageing skin solutions

General medical consultation et al

Other important specialties in the Fortis Healthcare

Kolkata’s Fortis Healthcare has specialist center for all types of heart related treatments. You are assured best possible treatment from its Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery Department. Other major departments in the hospital with the specialization of Urology & Nephrology; Digestive Care, Neurosciences, Orthopaedics besides Emergency & Critical Care offers you instant treatment options for respective diseases. Once you start exploring Fortis Healthcare in Kolkata on HealthBuds you are redirected to the specific site of the hospital.

It has detailed information about the hospital and specialist services it offers. All types of information related to diseases and treatment centers are shared to you once you start exploring for the particular treatment options.

One can approach Fortis Healthcare Hospital in Kolkata for treatment. Go for all types of treatments including for chest; critical care; dentistry; diabetes, skin disease; general to special surgeries; psychiatry & psychological treatments to obstetrics and gynaecology amongst others. Fortis Hospital & Kidney Institute is one of the specialist hospitals in this city. It is considered one of the best hospitals for kidney related treatments.

Besides specialist treatment options, Fortis Healthcare also offers best of the amenities which one can expect from the modern hospital setups in Kolkata. Its round the clock accident & emergency services with the trauma treatment facility to ambulance service to blood bank make it a distinguished healthcare center in the Kolkata region.

Obtain more information about the facilities and services in Fortis Healthcare from the hospital website or from the HealthBuds website. This website offers you thorough information about hospital’s treatment specialties and facilities.