10 Reasons Why You Should Make Exercise An Inherent Part of Your Lifestyle

Thinking of starting an exercise routine and wondering why it is so important? Read on to know the many benefits of exercise and how it can help you in your daily life!

Urbanization brings with it a number of boons. However, the accompanying pollution, stress and hectic lifestyle that are a part and parcel of this can also be a bane for humans from all around the world.
Exercise is the helpline that can help you to reverse the negative effects of this urbanization. In this article we will stress on exercise and why you need to make it an integral part of your everyday routine.

Benefits of exercise

We all have heard of the benefits of exercising regularly. However, in many cases, we expect results which are instant and miraculous. If you are planning on improving your health and lifestyle, it is best to opt for an exercise routine that is slow yet steady.

Here are some reasons why you must incorporate exercise into your daily regime:

1. Reduces the risk of stroke and heart ailments

The risk of heart diseases is a trait that is very closely connected with the accumulation of fat in the body. Exercise helps to break this up and restores your regular metabolism. Some of the ways in which your body benefits through exercise include:

Lowering the bad cholesterol

Increasing your good cholesterol

Helping you rebuild your metabolism

Helping your body digest fats and carbs

Health tip: Did you know that even a simple walk of 15 minutes each day can work wonders in improving your cholesterol levels?

2. Provides more energy to your body

Exercise paves the way to the inflow of more oxygen into our body tissues. This helps our cardiovascular system function more effectively. Some of the other benefits that this offers include:

Providing more energy

Preparing the muscles and joints for an increased level of activities

Eliminating fatigue which is done by infusing more oxygen to the body

Health tip: A regular routine of exercise can help you feel almost 40% more energetic and buoyant than before.

3. Age better

According to recent researches, a regular routine of exercise can help slow down the natural aging process that all of us must go through. Besides making sure that your body mechanism remains intact, exercise produces a number of essential hormones in our body. These, such as Vitamin E and estrogen ensure youthful skin, and a toned, natural look.

Another obvious benefit of exercise is, of course, the fact that it keeps our muscles taut and well-mechanized. This is a great way of ensuring that you remain in an optimal state of health for years to come.

Health tip: Did you know that hitting the gym regularly could help strengthen your spinal muscles?

4. Helping you build and recover strength

Physical exercise helps tremendously in building overall strength of different body tissues and muscles that are of immense importance. A regular exercise ensures that any damage that you face allows an easier recovery.

This is because the blood circulation is at its optimal level, and therefore, the muscles and tissues can rejuvenate themselves easily and at a faster rate.

Health tip: Exercising regularly builds collagen that is instrumental in helping rebuild muscles.

5. Helps in reducing weight

This must be something that you have heard a million times before but we just can’t stress the importance of this enough! Regular exercise helps in improving your metabolism. This is turn helps to break up the fats and carbs of your daily food intake.

This trait results in leaner muscles and helps eliminate the fats from your body. This is obviously not enough by itself. You need to supplement this with a suitable diet that does not negate the effects of the exercise.

Health tip: A good diet in addition to adequate liquid intake can go a long way in helping you reduce and eliminate fats.

6. Overall benefits to your health

Regular exercise elevates the high-density lipoprotein, or good cholesterol, and reduces harmful triglycerides.
This natural preventive mechanism reduces the risk of stroke, arthritis, cardiovascular complications, metabolic abnormalities and a host of other health factors by keeping your blood flowing without any obstruction.
Exercise helps in ensuring a smooth blood circulation. This enhances your overall physical endurance, helping you to get the daily routine done efficiently.

Health tip: Include more amino fatty acids in your diet to help gain more benefits from exercising.

7. Controlling stress

Controlling stress is a vital aspect in creating and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. With health hazards like sleep deprivation, high levels of stress lead to the activation of cortisone-like hormone.
This release modifies glucose metabolism. As a result, unusual food cravings occur during this period of high levels of stress.
We need to control the daily occurrence of stress by first identifying the root causes and incorporate steps to reduce stress levels.
Deep-breathing techniques, for instance, help when stress levels are heightened. Yoga can also reduce stress levels and help you relax.

Health tip: Meditation, in combination with light exercises, can help remove stress and make you feel lighter.

8. Preventing illness

Regular exercise helps prevent a wide range of illness. Some of these include:

Decreased cardiovascular efficiency

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease ( COPD )

Type 2 diabetes, metabolic syndrome

Various types of cancer


Cold and infections

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome or PCOS

While repeated dosage of pain killers and antibiotic medicines take a toll on our health with their side effects, exercise reduces the risk by boosting the natural immunity mechanism of our system.

Health tip: Addition of leaner meat in your diet helps in the prevention of many of the diseases articulated above.

9. Better blood circulation

Exercise pumps in more oxygen to our blood vessels and helps in better blood circulation. This, in turn, helps in giving us more youthful skin as well as an abundance of energy.
Besides this, a body that has good blood circulation also has better immunity to the attack of bacteria and viruses.

Health tip: Start your exercise regime with baby steps and then gradually build up a more detailed routine depending on your stamina.

10. Your overall well-being

Exercise is a wonderful way of adding a sense of overall wellness to your everyday life
. Whether it be catching up on your daily sleep routine or adding that extra spark to your sex life, a good and regular exercise regime is the perfect solution.
Just an hour of brisk walking can actually restore your health and give you a sense of added happiness.

Health tip: Brisk walking, swimming, as well as half an hour on the treadmill can be great and effective ways to catch up on your daily dose of workout.

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