Closed Mitral Valvotomy



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Indications for closed valvotomy differ from those for open valvotomy: they are single valve lesion, sinus rhythm and no calcification. Surgical mitral valvotomy or commissurotomy can be carried out using either a closed technique, which does not necessitate the use of full cardiopulmonary bypass, or using an open technique with full cardiopulmonary bypass. Both procedures may be carried out through a median sternotomy or left thoracotomy incision.Read More..

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  Package exclusions: High risk patients will be charged extra on package at High risk Rs. 20,000 , intermediate High Risk Rs. 25,000.Very High Risk Rs. 40,000.Emergency Management Cost charged will be Rs. 15000.For Aneurysmectomy the cost patch, graft and conduit will be extr

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