Coronary Angioplasty PTCA



Package Starts From: ₹45,000.00

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The procedure begins with the doctor injecting some local anesthesia into the groin area and putting a needle into the femoral artery, the blood vessel that runs down the leg.Read More..

  Package Duration: 2-3 Day

  Package inclusions: Routine Medicine & Consumables. Surgeon Team Fees Including Anaesthetist. Stay In Specified Bed From Economy to Single Room. RMO & Nursing Charges. The Range Of Packages Depends On type Of Bed Category.

  Package exclusions: Stay Beyond Package Days, If Required. Other Specialist Fees Or Cross referrals. Special Medicines/Consumables & Instrument If Used. Lima-Rima charges For Bypass Surgery. Cost OF Implant Pacemaker/Stent For Angioplasty Blood And Blood Products. Diagnostic

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