Denture Relining Partial

Denture Relining PartialWhen  residual  ridge  resorption  occurs,dentures  tend  to  become  loose.  For  most  patients,  denture  relining  is  an  economical means  of  improving  a  dentureメs  stability  and  retention,  the  overall  occlusal  vertical  dimension  and,  in some  cases,  facial  appearance.  Although  improvements in retention, stability and occlusion do not always improve chewing efficiency,1-Garret and others.2-found  that  モalmost  all  patients  perceived  improvement  in  .  chewing  comfort,  chewing  ability,  less difficulty  eating  hard  foods,  and  eating  enjoyment. Most patients also reported improvements in speech and  security.  These  results  support  the  beliefs  of clinicians  and  observations  of  some  researchers thatpatients benefit from properly fitting dentures.ヤ This paper  outlines  several  techniques  for  improving  relining procedures.Indications for Relining-Any denture that is loose because of poor adaptation  to  the supporting  tissues  should  be  relined.However, denture looseness can result from problems with  denture  occlusion,  tooth  position  and  denture contours.

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