Extraction ComplicatedA complex tooth extraction will encompass all the other types of extractions wherein the process is not as straightforward as prying on a tooth and pulling it out. In fact, teeth have a myriad ways to position themselves and in order to take them out many times surgery is needed.The main goal of modern dentistry today is the prevention of tooth loss. The loss of a single tooth or multiple teeth can have a large impact on your dental health and appearance. In some situations, once the examination, x-rays and history have been done, the dentist may find it in the best interest of the patient to extract the tooth.Common Teeth Extraction Reasons-Abscess or infection,Heavy decay not allowing for restoration,Advanced gum periodontal disease,Crooked or overcrowded teeth,Impacted teeth,Fractured broken teeth or roots.Simple and Complicated Extractions.So what happens if you need to have a tooth extracted that has nothing left above the gum line and there is nowhere the dentist can use his forceps to grasp the tooth and pull it out?Usually in these cases a sharp instrument will be used to pry out the root by exerting pressure between the root and the surrounding bone structure, this technique is known as luxation.


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