Gold Crown

Gold CrownGold crowns are not a very popular choice among patients as it does not have much aesthetic appeal. They are suitable for patients who are in the habit of biting strong food substances along with clenching and grinding.Gold crowns offer increased durability and are suitable for the back teeth like the molars so that they are not visible.Forms of Gold crowns-Gold crowns are available in three forms:Full gold crowns- they are made to cover up the whole tooth up to the gum line.Gold inlays- these are gold castings used to replace particularly those areas where a distinctive filling has to be placed.Gold onlays- they are equally strong as full crown but have reduced tooth width reduction and the edges do not touch the gum line.Reasons for preferring Gold crowns to other crowns.When a tooth is restored with gold crown,there is very less tooth width reduction and a good portion of the tooth and enamel is left untouched.







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