Vitiligo Surgery: Blister Grafting (small)



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Vitiligo is a common acquired disorder of skin pigmentation characterized by localized loss of skin pigment secondary to melanocyte damage. As most of the patients with vitiligo are managed by medical means there remains a group that is resistant to all the non-surgical means of treatment. The only possible treatment in such patients is a surgical replacement of the damaged melanocytes. In addition, there is a group of vitiligo patients in whom surgical therapy is considered to be more appropriate than medical means. These surgical techniques are collectively known as grafting procedures and they have become a popular choice among dermatologists in India and even in the rest of the world. The choice of the grafting procedure to be performed usually depends upon the extent or size of the vitiligo lesion to be treated, the site of the lesion, the age of the patient, his/her expectations and social needs, and lastly the expertise of the operating surgeon.[Read More..

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