Coil Embolization



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You're healthy, active and life is good. Then, you start having pain behind your eyes, frequent killer headaches and difficulty with your vision and balance. You shake it off as nothing, but you shouldn't. You may have a brain aneurysm.Read More..

  Package Duration: 3 DAYS

  Package inclusions: 1 Day stay in ward/room with 1E.C.G., 1 X-ray, 1 Echo Screening (for a & b2 Day stay (1Day CCU & 1Day Ward/Room)With 2E.C.G. ,2 X ray's and 1Echo Screening for rest of the Cath Packages (for c to m ) cath lab Charges. Cost of normal consumables/ medicines (maximum limit perfixed) Post Angio - Consultation with Surgeon (if needed).

  Package exclusions: Pre-evaluation Test for Cath Lab procedures Include Complete serology Testing which costs Rs. 2750/- and Blood Test for Creatinine estimation which Costs Rs. 290/- Special / Additional Investigation / Medicines eg. Integrillin, Reopro or any other Investigation. Med./ Cons. /Disp. over & above prefixed limit. Cost of Non Lonic Dye , Pacemaker , Electrodes , Swanganz Catherter. Cost of Balloons / Stents/ Rotablator etc.Rs. 25,000/- to Rs. 2,00000/each (approx) in Angioplasty / Valvuloplasty . if CCu is Availed , CCu Charges Will be applicable minus room tariff of the category availed (for a & b) 2nd day in CCU if availed, will be as per ccu tariff minus the applicable room tariff of the category availed (cath Procedures).

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