Chest Physiotherapy

Chest PhysiotherapyThese pages are intended to provide you with some suggestions and reminders about airway clearance techniques. All of these methods are designed to stimulate cough and help to remove mucous from the chest. This site cannot teach you how to perform the techniques. To learn to perform any of these techniques properly, you need to be taught the correct methods, "hands on," by a qualified registered physiotherapist.You should also ask your physiotherapist to review your technique and answer your questions on a regular basis.These pages discuss techniques used in the Ottawa (Canada) area as well as others that are used in different centres across North America. These pages do not list all physiotherapy techniques and devices available. The decision to choose which technique(s) are best for you is best made by you and your physiotherapist, with the assistance of your doctor, on a "one on one" basis. This site does not provide details on the development of an exercise program suited to your (or your child's) needs.




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