CPM CPM machines are used post operatively after total knee replacement and ACL repairs, predominately, says Troy Marshall, sales manager for J&J Medical Inc. They are used occasionally after micro-fracture surgery and other repairs, as well, depending on the physicians protocol. CPM therapy has many advantages. CPM machines are considered advantageous for post-surgical treatment to promote the healing and regeneration of joint cartilage. Specifically, they generate increased blood flow and nutrition to the injured site wile moving the limb or joint, prevent stiffness and soreness, reduce pain and swelling, reduce scar tissue formation, and increase range of motion and flexibility. Physicians prescribe CPM machines to be used in accordance with their prevailing protocol. Each physician serviced by J&J Medical has a protocol for total knee replacements. As an example, one may start a patient at 0 to 60 degrees at set-up and increase flexion 5 to 10 degrees per day, using the CPM machine two to three times per day for one to two hours per session. ACL protocol will differ slightly with the starting range, somewhat lower at 0 to 40 degrees to start and then progressing as you would with the total knee regimen.

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