ElectrotheraphyThe TENS units are usually used to reduce pain by stimulating proprioception nerve threads to block or slow the broadcast of pain indicators. Iontophoresis is defined as the movement of ions through biological material under the influence of an electric current. It is transdermal electrotherapy which uses a drug-carrying electrode that delivers direct waves to the affected area to deliver the medication deeper into the tissue. The drug's ionic charge allows stimulation healing. The application of Electrotherapy (E-Stim) with the HOCATT is both an electro-therapeutic devise and is also Rife Resonation device, based upon Rife Therapies.Electro Frequency therapy is one of the most widely researched and published therapies in the world. This therapy has delivered a drug-free, non-invasive and non-addictive solution to a sizeable number of health issues. It can even be used to simulate exercise thus providing passive exercise to those unable to perform the activities needed to provide the benefits of exercise (the elderly, weak, ill, quadriplegic). The calorie burning effect of the passive exercise is an added benefit even to the healthy.



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