Massage Therapy (Post Mastectomy)



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Mastectomy is often a necessary treatment for cancer or prevention of cancer. It is common for scar tissue to form post surgery. The amount will vary depending on how the surgery was performed: how much tissue needed to be removed and especially how the surgeon closed the incision. Scarring is also dependent on how your body reacts to wounds and healing. Massage can be very helpful in decreasing the effect of the scar tissue if performed soon after the surgery, however it can also be used to release the scarring after it has become a post-op problem. The most common incision is oblique across the nipple line and continuing up into the axilla. It has varying lengths depending on how many lymph nodes need to be removed and how much lateral breast tissue is present. The larger the incision the more structures can be involved with the scarring. The surgeon has to cut through the skin and superficial fascia, excising all of the fatty and glandular breast tissue and the fascia that creates the structure of the breast. In cases where there may be spread of the cancer, the surgeon will also remove some or all of the axillary lymph nodes - which then affect the axillary fascia and muscles. Our bodies are built with multiple layers between the skin and muscle tissue and the layers are supposed to slide over each other independently. After surgery the incision site will often connect these layers forming a thick scar throughout the layers. There will be some patients who have a mastectomy and have no long-term problems due to their scarring. The shoulder is a very complex and dynamic area and can be affected by scarring post mastectomy. Our muscles have an extremely important role of stability around this jointRead More..

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