Test Punch Grafting

Test Punch GraftingThis review will summarize the efficacy, technique and side effects of punch grafting in order to improve the comfort level of physicians who may be considering this form of therapy.Vitiligo is a common disease, affecting 0.5 to 1% of the world's population. The majority of patients have generalized bilaterally symmetric lesions, for which phototherapy is usually the treatment of choice. Patients with segmental and focal vitiligo, however, are often resistant to phototherapy. Because of the localized, stable nature of this form of vitiligo, these patients are especially responsive to surgical treatment modalities. Punch grafting is effective in the majority of such patientsIn one of the first studies with punch grafting, Falabella achieved 90-100% repigmentation in 13 of 17 76% patients with localized vitiligo.6 He employed a minigraft test to determine which patients had the potential of responding to punch grafting prior to performing the procedure.





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