Topical Immunotherapy

Topical ImmunotherapyImmunotherapy, often referred to as desensitisation, is the closest thing to a cure for allergy, particularly for allergies to some stinging insects and for allergic rhinitis. Immunotherapy is a well-established treatment for certain severe allergies, and involves the administration of increasing doses of allergen extracts over a period of years, given to patients by injection or drops/tablets under the tongue sublingual.Allergy develops when the immune system makes IgE antibodies to 'fight off' a substance allergen that wouldn't normally bother us, such as pollen, animal dander, house dust mites, mould spores, foods or the venom of bees or wasps. Immunotherapy is an attempt to modify the immune system so that it no longer reacts to allergens as a threat. By giving the patient increasing doses of the allergen at regular intervals starting with a very small dose in a carefully controlled way, it is possible to teach the immune system to tolerate the allergen and not ムfightメ it. If successful, immunotherapy causes the production of 'regulatory' immune cells, which stop the production of IgE and result in tolerance to the allergen.




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